Thursday, 23 April 2015

Medal Watch - *Updated* Liverpool RnR full medal list

2015 Liverpool RnR Mile medal
7. Mile race medal
Rock n Roll Heavy Medals Double Beat
6. Heavy medal
2015 Liverpool RnR 5k medal
2.5k medal
2015 Liverpool RnR Half Marathon medal
1.Half Marathon medal
2015 Liverpool RnR Marathon medal
1.Marathon medal
2015 Liverpool RnR Encore medal
4. Encore medal

3. Remix medal

5.World Rocker medal

This is the full list of medals that you can get for the Liverpool RnR weekend:

1. Full/half medal - Pretty straight forward. Sadly we can not do both.

2. 5k medal - Will be held the day before the main races. 

3. Remix medal - For doing the 5k plus the half or full. The US has had the remix challange for a while.

4. Encore medal - For racing the half/full this year and last. It doesn't matter which distance and you can mix and match.

5. World Rocker medal - For doing the half/full in Liverpool as well as any other RnR half/full in the same year

6. Heavy medals - Same as above but medals for every additional RnR event you do. These are the only medals you have to register separately for.

As the mile fun run (7) is the same time as the half/full I haven't included it in the list but the medal is pretty cool.  It starts an hour and a half after the half marathon so faster runners could do both.  A list of race times is below.

This has to be the greatest medal haul ever.  Can someone tell my husband that I have to go and run Dublin please?

To register for the Heavy medals go here

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